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We only offer one package, UNLIMITED! Our top of the line web service comes with a huge list of tools and features to help you get your website and message out to the world!

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Web Hosting Features

Virus Scans

Automated virus checks help ensure that no bad programs or code sneak into your website

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Bring as many domains as you wish onto our hosting platform

High Speed Server

Top of the line hardware and trunks to the internet results to decrease loading times

Backup Facility

We regularly backup your site, databases, and email to prevent catastrophic data loss

High Security

Regular patches and high physical security around our datacenter to protect you and your client's data

24/7 Support

We are always here to help you with your website needs

Instant Setup

Our system will get you everything you need immediately upon checkout to get your site up and running as soon as possible

Free Transfer Assistance

We offer free transfer assistance from another Web Host provider

Frequently Asked Questions

To get a website working you need three things: a domain name (, web hosting, and site files. A domain name is an address, just like the address on your building, which points to your web hosting. Web hosting is like the building itself and site files are all of the furniture. Your web host provides the server where all of your site files (images, pages, blogs, shopping cart and more) are located so they can be accessed via your domain address.

You can purchase a domain right alongside our webhosting services! If you would like to purchase a domain without having your hosting through Lumina Hosting you can click here

We offer free assistance to help you transfer your services to Lumina Hosting. Go ahead and place an order and when you're done with the checkout process you'll have direct access to our support department.

Lumina Hosting offers unlimited domain names with our web hosting package. Host all of your websites / brands with the one account.

Web Hosting is our most basic service and it works for 90% of websites. You are sharing a web server with multiple other customers. Some larger sites need more power / resources which is where the other two products come in. VPS (Virtual Private Server) gives you your own virtual section of a server with reserved resources. A Dedicated Server is a whole server just for you and your business.